MetroMoods is a project of New York City video artist Harry Schnitzler. As though in a time warp, his unfiltered view of selected world cities generates a unique stream of pictures, creating a portrait of the people, sights and spirit of a metropolis. Get drawn into a vortex of urban enchantment, full of energy, color and poetry! You’ll feel like catching the next flight to New York, Munich, Tokyo, Paris, Berlin, Sydney or St. Petersburg.





Harry Schnitzler’s films are created with the support of city authorities who grant him exclusive access to the hot spots in town. Only rare and unique footage meets the standards of the MetroMoods series.


The films are intended to be licensed all over the planet. They are perfect as inflight programs. Travel and lifestyle magazines, hotels and travel guides, as well as bookstores and travel agencies are also obvious outlets. As part of the MetroMoods project, representatives of all cities are encouraged to produce a film about their hometown in collaboration with Harry.


MetroMoods will carry the spirit of your city all over the world.


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