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Filmmaker, musician, producer and composer Harry Schnitzler is a versatile, prolific and energetic one-man show with world-class talent.

Harry honed his musical chops playing bass with Robert Palmer and John Paul Young. As head of Munich’s Union Studios, he worked with the likes of Queen, Placido Domingo and Deep Purple.

After collaborating with several Oscar-winning composers, Schnitzler formed Sound Company, a multiservice production house, later branching out to studios in London, Berlin and New York. In 2002 he launched Skyline Media, a New York-based film production facility. Its initial work, the 70-minute documentary Dance in New York, provided an inside look at icons Martha Graham and Merce Cunningham. In the wake of its tremendous impact, Schnitzler spun off a series of dance-related films.

Since 2004, Harry has been devoting his talents to MetroMoods, a film series offering unique, poetic and exclusive views of the world’s great cities. 2007 marked the international release of the first episode, I Love New York.


Additional Harry highlights:


• Worked on more than 500 episodes of multiple TV series, including Germany’s all-time bestseller, SimsalaGrimm.


• Lent his talents to more than a dozen feature films, among them, Asterix in America, Werner volles Rohr and Pirates of Tortuga.


• Worked with noted composers Maurice Jarre and James Horner on films with Sean Connery and Dennis Quaid.

• Participated in producing commercials for Coca-Cola, Nestles, BMW, Audi, Siemens and Kelloggs.






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